I've dealt with dozens of real estate agents of my clients and Scott Underwood is by far the best in the South Bay and Orange County. Every trust and estate attorney knows that a good agent makes our jobs easier and a bad agent makes our jobs harder.

Scott listens and understands he’s helping his clients with an emotional, large and complicated transaction. He gives all of the facts, good and bad. He helps his clients with the myriad of complicated forms necessary to sell property and he keeps meticulous records. Scott sold a house for one of my probate estates and his meticulous records saved my client from a big lawsuit. On the contrary, I had another client use a different agent to sell her home and when it came time to obtaining records from that agent because of complaint by the buyer, flaws in the paperwork were discovered and that client paid the price.

Most estate sales have a lot of deferred maintenance and Scott knows how to economically fix up a property to make it attractive to buyers. He has access to reliable painters, plumbers, electricians, etc. He advances all of the costs and gets reimbursed when the property sells. He does not charge a fee for his work; he only gets reimbursed for the actual costs.

I would highly recommend Scott to any estate representatives looking to sell properties or any trust and estate attorneys who are thinking about referring their clients to an agent.

Anne Bartholetti

Probate Attorney

Over the past 8 months Scott patiently saw us through several offers that did not pan out, a difficult encounter with a seller, and a short sale that took 4 months to complete. Yesterday we finally closed on our new condo and we couldn’t be happier. Scott was a pleasure to work with, and was always willing to advise and inform us about the status of the process. One of the things I was most pleased about was that he advised us against a sale that would have netted him a nice commission because it was not in our best interest as buyers. We appreciated that, and all that Scott did for us. Thanks, Scott!

Barbara Gray

Director of Educator Programs

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